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Show NameHours On AirDays On AirShow/Talent
Your 94KIX Morning Fix6 - 10aMonday - FridayTheresa & Johnny
Middays With Bee10 - 3pMonday - FridayBee
Afternoons With Chris O’Neil3 - 7pMonday - FridayChris O’Neil
The Lia Show7 - 12aMonday - SaturdayLia
Talent Bios

Your Kix Morning Fix

You could start your mornings without  Your 94KIX Morning Fix… but we wouldn’t recommend it. You never know what to expect during the morning show, but they’re always good for a laugh… even if it is at their own expense.

Your 94KIX Morning Fix is the reigning Best Morning Show Of The Year, and  Station Personalities Of The Year from the Colorado Broadcasters Association. Theresa grew up in Western Colorado and is definitely an on-air favorite with listeners, and the Colorado Broadcasters Association too. She’s won 8 CBA Awards Of Excellence for her contributions to the morning show, sports, and production. There’s no better way to stay in tune with your local community than Your 94KIX Morning Fix… local news, local weather, local sports… local content, and a lot of laughs. It’s the station that “locals” listen to.



Bee is our midday jock – or jockette – on 94KIX.

Bee was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and came to Montrose via Gunnison, where she graduated from Western State College. After her graduation, she spent 6 weeks in Gunnison working for the college radio station. The week prior to moving back to Tulsa, Bee was offered a job at KUBC and has been here ever since. Bee has been married to her husband, Heath, for nearly 20 years and they have 2 daughters. She has been with this group of radio stations since 1991, and has worn many hats during her employment here.

Catch her mid-days on 94KIX from 10 – 3.

Chris O’Neil…the Next Big Deal!-Evenings

I got my start in radio like so many get their start in every other cool field in America: NEPOTISM!

Kidding, though radio is the family business. I started as a board-op in Canton, Ohio when I was sixteen, working for my dad, who has been in radio all my life. So when I needed a job, it went like this: they needed a board op, and I said “I can do that”. That’s it. Simple, right? It’s amazing what good connections can do for ya! After a while, I graduated to weekends on air, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, I’ve spent the last twelve years (almost thirteen, now…) all over the place. I spent two years in Canton radio, then a year in New Milford, CT renting movies at the last remaining Blockbuster Video in the world! (Hyperbole) Then, I moved down to Pensacola, FL for three years. Spent a little time in Melbourne, FL after that, then moved up to Jamestown, NY (the home of Lucille Ball…and they’ll never let you forget it!). Now, after Scott begged and begged (lies!), I come to Montrose to bring Colorado my unique (strange) brand of humor and insight!




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