Pepperoni and cheese, garlic and parmesan, pizza and beer – some things just go together.

Peter Bravo de los Rios/Unsplash
Peter Bravo de los Rios/Unsplash

Taking into account how perfectly the last two items on that list pair with each other, New Belgium Brewing has reportedly partnered with Tombstone Pizza to create a brand-new beer flavor.

Recently filed documents show the Fort Collins-based brewery plans to release a pizza-flavored beer called “IPizzaA.” The new brew will be a twist on the already existing Voodoo Ranger IPA.

Sources say IPizzaA will be a flavorful 7 percent ABV IPA. But what exactly are "pizza flavors?" Maybe hints of herbs like oregano, sage, and some rosemary too.

Although it's a unique idea, New Belgium is not the first to concoct a pizza-flavored beer.  In 2013, an establishment in Chicago tried a similar pairing, but it didn't go over very well - mamma Mia!

A release date for the NBB/Tombstone product has yet to be announced.

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