For nearly six years, passersby along I-25 and Highway 34 in Northern Colorado would see this odd, horses/railroad sculpture, and wonder "What the heck is that thing?"

Then, in 2020, the state started working on that interchange, and the sculpture had to be moved out of the way. Many rejoiced, "Good riddance."

Now the City of Loveland is ready to entertain and/or annoy travelers, once again.

What is that thing, anyway?

Loveland's Equinox Sculpture
TSM/Dave Jensen


It's called, "Equinox," and the Reporter-Herald reports that it will be back, this time along the eastside of northbound I-25,  just north of Embassy Suites.

It's hard to say that if, instead galloping towards Loveland as they did before, if the three horses will now be galloping away from Loveland.


You can't deny that it's bold, putting something that got a fair share of pushback, back up. They could have put Equinox somewhere else and installed something new/different at I-25, but it's like the City said,

"Heck, no; at least it's not that crazy 'Iscariot' sculpture, right?"

Iscariot used to reside in Downtown Loveland
TSM/Dave Jensen

So, just in time for friends and family to visit for Christmas in 2023, there'll be something to talk about as they get their bags out of the car:

Dear, what the *&%$ is that weird horse thing out there at the interstate?

A few months after it was initially installed, Townsquare Media produced a fun video explaining what Equinox is all about.

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