There's nothing like fun at the old ballpark. In Grand Junction, the fun is found at Suplizio Field where our Jackalopes play baseball. The team is excited for the 2024 season under new owner Mike Tollin, which will be one of the most affordable seasons for fans

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The Jackalopes are excited to announce big discounts on season tickets and single-game tickets that you can take advantage of in time for their home opener on June 4th.

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Jackalopes Reduce Grand Junction Ticket Prices

Jackalopes owner Mike Tollin announced the team will slash their ticket prices by 25% for home games in 2024, in addition to new discounts and ways to save at the gate. This author thinks Jackalopes tickets are one of the best values in town when considering the fun at the ballpark and the view of the Grand Mesa. Now the team is going to charge you and your friends even less. They want us to come and enjoy the stadium, the team, and the Jackalopes experience.

Jackalopes Ticket Discounts

The Jackalopes will reduce ticket prices in all sections including season tickets, 10-game packs, and single-game tickets. Check out the reduction of season ticket prices.

  • $550 -> $410 Red Rock Diamond Club (SEC E-H)
  • $450 -> $370 Home Plate Club (SEC I-L)
  • $395 -> $320 Reserved (SEC A-D & M-S)

Single-game ticket prices are being reduced to the following prices for 2024:

  • $17 -> $13 Red Rock Diamond Club (SEC E-H)
  • $15 -> $11 Home Plate Club (SEC I-L)
  • $11 -> $9 Reserved (SEC A-D & M-S)

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Additional Jackalopes Ticket Discounts

  • Kids: Children ages 4-12 receive a $4 ticket for games Monday-Thursday
  • Seniors: Fans 55 and older receive $3 off a regularly priced ticket
  • Families: Families of four or more receive $2 off each ticket
  • Local Heroes: Retired and active military veterans, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses, dispatchers, teachers, and all other local heroes receive $3 off a regularly priced ticket.

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