I can't be the only one who has noticed all of the "student driver" bumper stickers lately. What am I talking about? I see at least two of these bumper stickers on different cars nearly every single day when I am on the road.



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Normally, I wouldn't think twice about this. However, as of late, I see them all the time. During the day. Late at night. They seem to be everywhere I go. A lot of these stickers seem to be on work vehicles, cars that are questionable if they are even road worthy, an old school Cadillac, etc. I have even seen one on a Harley a couple of days ago. So why am I all of a sudden seeing so many of them?

Do These Stickers Give You a Free Pass to Drive Badly?

This is my initial thought. More often than not, these stickers are on a vehicle with only one person in them and all of these people appear to be well over the "I just started to learn to drive" age limit. When I see these stickers in front of me, they are almost always on their cellphones, going way over or well under the speed limit, and drifting over the lines of their lanes. You know, just driving bad in general.


I almost feel like with having this sticker on the back of the car, they are getting a pass on maybe being honked at by a fellow driver or even pulled over for their poor driving skills. I might be totally wrong and there really might be that many teenagers and people learning how to drive all of a sudden. However, it seems highly unlikely to me.

Apparently, this isn't just in Colorado either. One Redditor posted in the Raleigh subreddit asking about the egregious amount of student driver stickers on the roads of North Carolina. To which someone responded:

Whenever I see someone with those stickers it feels like one big inside joke that I am not in on.

Someone else chimed in and said:

Kinda feel like its a "I'm going to do something dumb" warning. Saw one the other day and the person driving was probably in their late 20s.

Let us know if you have seen a random increase in these student driver stickers lately in Northern Colorado.

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