It's only six weeks into winter and it's easy to feel like you have cabin fever. People that live in beach communities will never know what it's like to feel cooped up. So I came up with a list for those winter blues.

Baking or Let's Say Cooking

If you are not a good cook like me, many recipe bloggers and you tubers can help. I have no problem baking.

Board Games

When was the last time you played a board game? Monopoly, scrabble, or how about some poker? My late grandmother taught me to play when I was 6.

Take a Nature Walk

I love doing this, and you could also snowshoe. I've always wanted to. You can rent snowshoes at the Black Canyon Nation Park, at the visitors center.

Learn a New Language

Your library can help or even youtube

Have You Thought About Bird Watching?

It's become quite popular, especially since the pandemic. All you need is a smartphone and the free merlin identification app.

Invest in an Exercise Bike

I've had mine for three years and I love it. It's a fit nation I purchased from QVC, and even amazon could be selling one for next to nothing.

I've added a few others that you can check out as well. I hope these tips help you have more indoor and outdoor fun this winter.

10 Fun Activities to Beat Those Mid-Winter Blues in Colorado

It's only 6 weeks into Winter and it's easy to feel like you have cabin fever.

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