There are a lot of strange town names in the United States of America. So many, in fact, that it's hard not to question whether or not we're actually any good at naming things. You have to remember that a group of people gathered in Pennsylvania and decided to call their town Intercourse with a straight face to realize that we might not be serious people.

Colorado is no stranger to odd town names, either. In our case, many of those towns catch that description more because of people's inability to pronounce their names, rather than the names actually being bad. I'm looking at you here, Fruita.

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That's not to say that the Centennial State hasn't been on the strange name bandwagon, like everywhere else in America. We have our fair share of head-scratchers, too. I'm not sure who this 'Kim' is, but I feel like I should if she gets to have her own town. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of towns in Colorado that seem like they were named for whoever was standing around at the time. How else can you explain Joes?

Beyond the names of seemingly random people, Colorado has plenty of other town names that will make you laugh. We took a quick trip over to Google Maps to find out which ones were the funniest, and have put together a list of 11 of our favorites. If you think we missed any, make sure to let us know with AppChat.

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Be on the lookout for lots of 'Butte'-s:

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