Telluride is a town in Colorado that is synonymous with things like class, upper-class real estate, ski tourism, and the finer things in life. Like most of Colorado's popular ski towns like Aspen and Vail, Telluride is a place that, if you wanted to live there, you'd have to have a pretty fat bank account.

A home in Telluride, Colorado is currently for sale, carrying a price tag of $13 million which, if you were to casually walk past the house on the street, you probably wouldn't guess that it was worth so much money based on its outward appearance. However, upon entering the home, you'd soon realize why the asking price is so much.

Location of $13 Million Telluride Colorado Home

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The home is located at 394 West Colorado Avenue Unit A, Telluride, Colorado 81435. As you can see here, the home is not only located in the downtown area of Telluride but also quite close to the nearby ski mountain:

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Details About $13 Million Telluride Colorado Home

The home is quite large in size at 5,518 square feet. It also features seven bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and a lot of fancy rooms and features. However, there are also some quirky things about the home that make it quite unique.

Quirky Things About $13 Million Telluride Colorado Home

When you have millions of dollars, you can have a lot of freedom with what you do with your home. This particular Telluride Colorado home has some interesting things inside such as a skier dressing room, several napping areas, a large walk-in closet with a fireplace, multiple dining areas, and more.

Take a Virtual Tour of a $13 Million Telluride Colorado Home

$13 Million Telluride Home Surprisingly Beautiful on the Inside

If you were just walking past this Telluride home, you’d never guess that it was worth $13 million dollars. That is, until you saw inside.

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