Here in the state of Utah, we pride ourselves on our sense of modesty.

My design for the new Utah State Flag was sadly rejected. (canva)
My design for the new Utah State Flag(seen here) was sadly rejected. (canva)

For example, in the State of Utah, it's not very wise to walk down the street guns a-blazin' dropping the f-bomb on unsuspecting citizens. That's just not how we do things here.

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When someone in Utah starts throwing around the "S-word". (giphy)

Do we get angry? Of course we do. Do we have feelings and desires just like the next person? Yes of course we're all human.

However, many people visiting our state have noticed that we tend to be a little more…how do I say this…SELECTIVE in our speech.

Of course most outsiders will refer to our sense of decency as not being polite, but rather the product of decades upon decades of repressed feelings and pent-up rage forced upon us by social constructs and religious dogma, but HEY.  Potato-Potahto.

Among those words that tends to be rather sensitive is the word S*X. It's such a sensitive word that I had to put an asterisk in the middle of it just in case my mother winds up reading it and I find myself bathing in guilt and shame.

In Utah culture, and also the culture in places such as the US Bible Belt, there is a reluctance to refer to any biological urges at all. But if we MUST, then it's usually sanitized and romanticized as not to offend the sensitive ears of people who have already had 8 kids.

So here is a list of alternatives you can use in the state of Utah when you're referring to… well…y'know.

15 Ways To Say "S*X" In Southern Utah

If you live in Utah, you've probably heard these alternate, more polite words for "you-know-what."
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Oh My Heck! Your Guide To Utah Swear Words

Your Guide to Utah Swear Words

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