I was just reading an article in regard to Hawaii having an influx of visitors thanks to the two volcanos erupting right now, and Native Hawaiians are upset. Apparently, Tourists are throwing marshmallows into the lava!

What The ....?!

Tungurahua Volcano eruption long exposure with lava

Tungurahua Volcano eruption long exposure with lava

Tungurahua Volcano eruption at night, with snow, Ecuador

Volcanoes are sacred to the Hawaiian community and the marshmallow tossing that recent tourists find hilarious are seen as disrespectful. The mayor is looking to up the penalties for trespassing in those area.

This got me thinking... What about those out-of-towners that show up in Colorado?

Here is a small list of ways tourists' disrespect or beautiful state...

Illegal Campfires

A man inflates the embers of a campfire, flame flashes and sparks, fire. Flame dance, evening barbecue. Scenic dark background

Colorado is extremely dry during the summer months and because of this, it's extremely flammable. That is why many places in Colorado enact regular fire bans. These bans mean no campfires, but the ban also means no cigarette smoking outdoors. Yet more than one in three campers report seeing illegal campfires despite burn bans

Keep Loud Music to Yourself

A male runner wearing headphones stopping for a stretch

A male runner wearing headphones stopping for a stretch

Male runner outdoors with headphones

While on the trail, keep the loud music to yourself. Not only does this disturb others, but the loud music can change wildlife patterns. The music can scare animals away from the trail making it more difficult to avoid predators. Also, make sure to leave one ear open to hear what's going on around you.

Never feed, harass, or attempt to pet a wild animal

Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus)

Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus)


Ok, so maybe you're not trying to pet a wild bear, but even Elk or dear can be quite unpredictable and dangerous.

Ex. Leaving food out for the animals might seem innocent, until they cause an issue and has to be killed because of where they should not be.

Dog Poop Along the Trails


Dog Poo Sign

No dog poop allowed

Colorado is known for being a dog-friendly state, but there are still many rules related to pets that are in place. Do your research and plan ahead. If there's a leash law in place, follow it, and always, pick up your dog's poop and deliver it to a trash can.

You Can't Just Pitch Your Tent

Tent in a pine forest on sunset

Tent in a pine forest on sunset

Tent in a pine forest on sunset.

Due to a high demand, many places in Colorado now require reservations to be made for camping, with many spots filling up months ahead of time. You can no longer just throw down a tent wherever you want. Know before you go.

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