I've seen this question circulate thru Montrose message boards several hundred times.

"What is one piece of advice you'd give someone moving to Montrose? The most popular answer from locals is ...


Sure, this has been the running joke for years, but it is painfully truthful.

Montrose locals love to make money off the tourists as long as you  "Stay Here. Play Everywhere Then go back to where you came from." Especially if you're migrating from California or Texas.

Harsh? Yes. Truthful, Indeed.

One other thing about Montrose locals, they have no problem telling you what's on their minds. Especially when it comes to the political world.

Here is what many other Montrose folks added when it came to out-of-towners moving to our beautiful area.


Proud Americans

Eugene Berman

Proud to be an American

Even though Colorado is considered a Democratic state. The right tends to control the narrative. Folks here are proud of their country and will let you know it.

We are hard-working folks

Feeding Time

Feeding the Cattle

It doesn't matter if you own a ranch, work with horses, or cattle, or just build things with your own bare hands. Folks on the Western Slope put sweat into everything they do.

Someone around you is carrying a concealed weapon

Old woman putting gun in handbag

Old woman putting gun in handbag

Keep your attitude in check. period.

Get to know and engage with local business owners

Stacy Lynn Photo images
Stacy Lynn Photo images

Montrose downtown photo 2023

Always Shop Local.

Volunteer and Participate in town events as much as possible



Build friendships, get involved with the community, and be open to other opinions around you.

Get used to the smell of marijuana.

marijuana cannabis plant leaves and top view

marijuana cannabis plant leaves and top view

We don't want to hear you complain about the pot laws and whine about the smell. It is what it is, get over it.

Engage in the community and you will be just fine

Best Wishes to you all.

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