We've pretty much all been there: long night of partying, lots of drinks, hangover in the morning. Heck, hangovers might be the only thing some of us have in common anymore!

Some. But not all of us.

See, we all have that one friend who never gets hungover, no matter how many shots you guys did last night. For me, that would be my twin brother, who drinks like a fish when he goes out with friends, and never seems to have any issue operating the next day. On the other hand, if you see me the next day after a night of heavy drinking, it's because you live within three feet of my couch.

Nothing is more aggravating than feeling like the last thing you could ever do is get up off the floor, only for that one friend to come bopping in to say 'hi' as if you didn't just empty the alcohol supply of three counties the night before. When that happens, I guarantee you've had more than one thought weighing the pros and cons of trying to get away with murder. We all have.

However, the next time you and your buddies have a night of drinking, and everybody but one of you is hungover the next morning, try not to hold that against them. Turns out, it's not actually THEIR fault.

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As with most things, it's the parents.

More specifically, according to a new study in the Daily Mail, 1-in-5 Americans actually have a genetic...thing that helps them pass alcohol through their bodies more efficiently, leading to a significantly less severe aftermath. And it's a good thing I brought up my twin brother, because most of these studies were done using twins, oddly enough.

According to the research, mutations in the CYP2E1, ADH1B and ALDH2 genes are actually the determining factor in how much of a hangover you'll get hit by after a long night out. Each of those genes govern how your body will break down and metabolize the alcohol you drank, and researchers found a connection between the mutations and their affect on same.

Don't believe the hype!

Now, I'm not suggesting you get a genetic test to determine how much you can drink before you feel sick. However, with this knowledge in hand you can safely ignore any of the "hangover cures" your friends try to push on you. "Hair of the dog..." isn't for everybody, and now we know why.

All this to say: the next time somebody tells you to boil your socks and drink the broth to cure a hangover, block them on Twitter. You don't need that kind of idiocy.

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