The winter has been brutal, especially on the East Coast. At least 50 people have lost their lives due to the worst storm in 50 years. Over one million have been without power in the United States due to the massive storm that hit right before Christmas last year.

This past weekend the Lake Tahoe area was without power for at least 24 hours due to a big storm that dumped two feet of snow. Having lived in Lake Tahoe for five years, boy does it snow there. Power was lost when I was there in 2010 for over 24 hours, thankfully I had a gas-powered fireplace. The year I left there were over 500 inches ending the winter season of 2017.

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On the front range, at least four people died during the historic 2022 cold front. Two in Denver and two in Colorado Springs. In the five years I've lived in Montrose it has not been common to lose power during a storm. So are you prepared if you lost power? It's important to always have an emergency kit. Plenty of batteries for your flashlights, bottled water, canned food, and lots of candles.

Another thing to think about is, if you are stranded due to traveling in bad weather, that your phone will call 911 no matter where you are. You don't need to be in a cell service area. This year has proven to be a horrific winter in many states. Always check the forecast before leaving for the airport, or traveling by car. Make sure to pack a first aid kit in your vehicle when on those snowy roads.

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