Ben Gallaher goes back 130 years for the early lyrics of his new single, "Still a Few Cowboys Left," but the song's urgent message resonates deep in 2022. The country-rocker was co-written by two songwriting legends, but it's the singer's belief in what he's saying that clears room for his story to land.

For Gallaher, being a cowboy is much more than bulls and rope, dust and mud. He's singing about a lifestyle during "Still a Few Cowboys Left."

"It’s a song about respect, honesty and hard work," the Pennsylvania-raised singer-songwriter tells Taste of Country ahead of the exclusive premiere of "Still a Few Cowboys Left."

"And a nod to women that there are still a few good guys left in the world."

"Sounds like 1889 / Listening to the coyote cry / Somewhere under that moon tonight / There's still a few cowboys left," Gallaher sings. Tony Martin and Neil Thrasher helped him with the lyrics, while Neil and Patrick Thrasher produced.

"I believe we all have a little cowboy in us," the singer adds. "In the literal sense, I’m not a cowboy but figuratively speaking, I have a lot of cowboy in me."

Prior to "Still a Cowboys Left," a swampy country-rock song called "Country in the House" was Gallaher's most recent release. A love song called "This Young" is his most popular song on Spotify.

"To me, what makes a cowboy is not the way you look or the place you live, but the type of person you are. It’s the direction you are headed, grit, integrity, and character. It’s getting knocked off and getting back on again. This song also nods to women that there are still some men who make faith, family and hard work the roots of their life.”

Look for "Still a Few Cowboys Left' wherever great music is found on Friday (Aug. 26).

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