Take Colorado hiking to the next level by experiencing one of the breathtaking backpacking trails scattered throughout the state's 15 mountain ranges.

Simply put, backpacking is the outdoor activity of carrying your gear on your back while hiking for more than 1 day. It's a great way to really soak in the views worthy of more time than a hike allows for. Backpacking is sure to include camping. Many of the incredible trails featured below include campsites along the route.

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What are the Best Months for Backpacking in Colorado?

Since the weather in recent years is consistently crazy, the modern-day backpacker should be prepared for all conditions if you are taking on a significant distance. Some say the late spring and the early-summer season is the best time to backpack before the intense heat arrives. Backpacking during the summer months offers even more wildflowers, and the fall color change can be the perfect backpacking setting as well.

What are Some of Colorado's Best Backpacking Trails?

The Colorado National Monument Traverse, Sand Ramp at Great Sand Dunes National Park, Lone Eagle Peak, and the Continental Divide Loop in Rocky Mountain National Park are some standouts that are not to be missed. Our favorite backpacking adventures are outlined below.

Things to Remember When Backpacking

In many instances, several advanced rules may exist while hiking on the trails mentioned below. These are the real deal. Some of these backpacking adventures will involve wildlife encounters (bears) that could put you at risk if you are not prepared. Some of these hikes like the Chicago basin are "leave no trace" trails that may require backpackers and campers to bag their own waste and carry it out with them.

Colorado is Home to Some of the Best Backpacking Trips Around

Enjoy a one, two, or three-day backpacking adventure on any of these must-see trails in Colorado. We've got 12 essential backpacking trails that will help take your summer to the next level.

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