Having a car in Colorado is freedom to many people, but even if you don't have a car you can still live free thanks to an abundance of travel options.

Getting from place "A" to place "B" can be a real pain if you do not have a car, but here in Colorado, there are 6 cities that make living without a car a breeze.

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Scoot, Bike, or Bus: The Options Are Endless

Today on my way to work I saw a guy on an electric unicycle and thought "wow we're really living in the future." Personally, I can't even figure out to ride an electric scooter, but the fact is there are so many options these days for people looking to get around without a car.

Whether you want to use public transportation, walk, bike, rideshare, or scoot, getting to your next destination doesn't always have to involve a car.

The 6 Best Cities in Colorado to Live Without A Car

According to Lawnstarter, there are 6 cities in Colorado that make living without a car incredibly simple.

In order to rank the top 200 biggest cities in America, Lawnstarter used the following 4 metrics:

  • Access,
  • Commute Culture,
  • Safety,
  • and Climate

One Colorado city actually ranked within the top 10 nationally, while another fell in the top 20. It looks like Colorado is a pretty good place to live without a vehicle.

Here are the top 6 cities in Colorado ranked:

  1. Fort Collins, CO (number 7 nationally)
  2. Denver, CO (number 17 nationally)
  3. Colorado Springs, CO (number 71 nationally)
  4. Aurora, CO (number 107 nationally)
  5. Lakewood, CO (number 136 nationally)
  6. Thornton, CO (number 144 nationally)

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