There's a lot of wildlife in Colorado. Some might say that there's a little too much, and you can usually tell who those people are by the orange vests they like to wear during certain times of year.

As it turns out, the hunters of the Centennial State may actually be on to something. Recent news reports seem to indicate that some members of Colorado's wildlife family just aren't having it with their fellow Coloradans anymore. Unfortunately, the animals in question are among our favorites.

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According to CBS News, some cows attacked a jogger in Boulder County last week. You might not think one cow attack would be cause for alarm, but you'd be ignoring the second cow attack on a separate jogger on the Meadowlark Trail in Superior. I believe the idea of, "Fool me once..." comes to mind, here.

Officials from Boulder County Parks & Open Spaces say that mother cows were protecting their young in both instances. That one of the joggers attacked ended up being hurt badly indicates that these cows had no time for any human nonsense, which begs the question of how often these cows are having interactions with humans in the first place. I'm thinking of a "Mad Cow" joke, right now, but it feels like it would be in poor taste.

Officials in the area are now issuing warnings about the cow attacks for those who would be willing to brave the trail after such harrowing events. I won't be one of them, but then again, I probably wouldn't have been even before the cows had gone mad.

Nope...couldn't get through it without the mad cow joke.

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