New Colorado residents Russell Wilson and wife Ciara are showing us just how proud they are to be a part of the Denver Broncos.

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Russell Wilson is the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos and his wife Ciara is showing major love to the team this season in the best way she knows how - by dancing!

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Ciara Is One of the Best Dancers

When iconic dancers come to mind you probably think about ANY of the Jacksons. A lot of people are unaware that Paula Abdul actually choreographed numerous routines for the Jacksons, so she definitely is among one the greats.

Present-day iconic dancers would most notably include Chris Brown and of course, Ciara, who of course both found inspiration in the people mentioned above.




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Now that Russell Wilson is a part of the Denver Broncos, Ciara is using those hot dance moves to heat up the sidelines after a win. Ciara posted the above video after the Denver Broncos defeated the Houston Texans, 16-9 on Sunday, September 18.

Let's Victory with the Denver Broncos

On Sunday, September 25 the Denver Broncos once again claimed victory with Ciara following up with another great dance video.




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In this game, the Denver Broncos defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 11-10.

It looks like this season not only will you catch a great game but also impromptu performances from the princess of Crunk, Ciara!

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