Coloradans have to deal with a lot these days. We're having a crazy winter, prices are through the roof at almost every store in Grand Junction, and now we have strange spy balloons passing overhead at random.

It's easy to understand why some people are just easily annoyed with some of the day-to-day things we all experience. Sometimes little things can annoy us irrationally. We're all guilty of it. Let's embrace it and laugh together at the little things people do that many of us just can't stand.

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Irrational Annoyances in Grand Junction

Everyone has something that they feel is irritating or annoying. I think we can all agree that nobody likes to sit at the dinner table with someone who can't chew with their mouth closed. What about drivers who are texting? What about rude behavior on social media? We could spend all day on some of these.

Coloradans Don't Like Excess Noise

One thing that was humorous was the number of listeners in Grand Junction who told us that various sounds annoy them irrationally. These sounds are noisy people's sounds. What are those?

  • People who drag their feet and make noise when they walk
  • People talk with food in their mouths
  • People that chew ice
  • People who whistle

Don't Be A Nusence at the Grocery Store

One hot button was how people behave at the grocery store. Maybe it's the high prices that have people feeling most impatient. I must admit, there are some people who just are not aware of their surroundings. They have no idea they are blocking the isle or an item, nor do they realize when a line is forming behind them.

Scroll on so we can all laugh together about things that annoy us, even if they probably shouldn't.

Grand Junction, Colorado's List of 20 Things That Irrationally Annoy Us

Sometimes it's the little things that get under our skin and annoy us to no end. Just like fingernails on a chalkboard, here comes a list of things you told us that get on your nerves the most. From people who chew with their mouths open, to breakfast cereals that do not contain the proper ratio of marshmallows. If it annoys us, it made the list below.

LOOK: The Top 25 Most Annoying Sounds in Grand Junction, Colorado

We asked our audience to tell us about sounds that get on our nerves the most. What is a sound that just drives you crazy? Here are some of the top answers along with the ones that made us laugh.

MORE: 25 Things That Will Always Annoy a True Coloradan

Today we are looking at things that annoy us here in the great state of Colorado. A perfect example would be how every Coloradan is annoyed when the Broncos fall flat to begin another football season. What else annoys true Coloradans? Find out by scrolling through the slides below.

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