School is starting back up. Kids are nervous, or excited (I have one of each.)  Parents are stressed by all the extra costs of back to school.

My School Shopping Experience

My kids needed new shoes this year. They are both very hard on shoes, just like their mother. Each of them got a new pair of pants, without holes, and a new shirt for the start of the school year. They each have something to write on, and something to write with. The backpacks were still good from last year.

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I used to get the entire school supply list each year. But I slowly realized that if last year’s pencils still had lead, and a working eraser, they would still work. Crayons, not so much. Scissors and barely used composition notebooks have been reused too.

How Colorado Stacks Up with Back-to-School Spending

According to the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education website, in Colorado, the total per pupil expenditures for Montrose County School District is $10,544. That's the total per student. I've read there are around 5,800 students enrolled this year in Montrose County.
Teachers often spend their own money to make sure their classrooms have much-needed supplies.  If you can, be sure to donate either supplies or money to your favorite classroom.

What do kids, and teachers, need this year for school?

Back to School - What do Colorado kids need?

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