Winter driving in Colorado can get pretty crazy at times. Snow, ice, and a state of more than 50% transplants can make for some pretty interesting driving conditions.

There will always be drivers who struggle in winter conditions. Heck, there will always be drivers who seem to have no idea what they are doing no matter what season it is. We asked you about some of the things motorists do in Colorado that simply drive you nuts.

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Where are Colorado's Worst Drivers?

Both El Paso and Denver counties in Colorado see far more traffic accidents than the rest of the state. Are they the worst drivers or are there just more of them there than anyplace else in the state? Maybe it's not where they live but simply how they drive.

Are All the Bad Drivers From Califrado?

Any question about cars or driving only takes about 10 seconds to cause someone to comment about people moving here from California. Honestly, sometimes I die laughing. Colorado makes some of the meanest and nastiest comments about California I have ever seen. I lived in Texas for 5 years and I thought they hated California. Not nearly as much as the Centennial State does.

Colorado's Biggest Frustrations

Some of the most popular answers involved people who run red lights, drive slow in the passing lane, people who switch lanes mid-turn, and people who can't drive in winter conditions. Colorado is also the home of cars that want to come to a complete stop before completing their left or right turn.

People have included some pretty thoughtful answers below. There is plenty of justification below for laying on the horn when you encounter these stupid driving tricks laid out in the photo gallery below.

20 Things You Should Never Do When Driving in Colorado

Colorado and I-70 are home to some pretty crazy motorists. While Colorado may not be the state with the most reckless drivers or accidents, there are plenty of things people do on the roads that drive us all nuts. Sound off on things you see Colorado drivers doing that would upset anybody.

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