It's time to get excited if you love pancakes. If you live in Grand Junction you probably had no idea that you have access to literally well over 20 unique pancake creations at local restaurants.

Do you know where to find Grand Junction's famous Carrot Cake pancakes? Do you know who makes amazing Pineapple upside-down pancakes? What about a giant pancake sandwich named after a local landmark? We'll save the waffles for another time. Today is all about pancakes stacked short and tall on the western slope.

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Grand Junction's Amazing Pancake Creations

I am perfectly happy with butter and syrup on pancakes. If you like creating pancakes the way you create an ice cream Sunday, we've got that too. Some of the endless pancake options in Grand Junction include breakfast entrees like Pineapple Upsidedown pancakes, the giant Cinnamon Chip pancake, New York Cheesecake pancakes, Salted Carmel and Banana Creme pancakes, and more. Keep going and we will show you where to find them.

The Biggest Pancakes I've Seen in Colorado

I have no idea how anyone is supposed to finish even 1 of these incredible pancakes. Check out a restaurant in Colorado Springs that serves pancakes that are as big as most pizzas. Look for "Brandon's Family Style Pancake" on the menu at Mountain View Cafe and Catering on Black Forest Road in Colorado Springs. It is priced at $18. See a photo of this monster here. 

Grand Junction's Monster Pancake Sandwich

There is a menu in Grand Junction that features a pancake sandwich that is layered with your choice of breakfast meat. This delicious creation is called "The Mesa" check out the photo gallery below and find out which awesome hometown eatery has got the kind of love for pancakes we can appreciate.

11 Restaurants with the Best Pancakes in Western Colorado

You can't beat good pancakes cooked to perfection with warm butter and syrup. In Grand Junction, we are lucky to be the home of several pancake gurus. Call em hotcakes, pancakes, or flapjacks, here are 11 restaurants you need to visit for breakfast on the western slope.

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