September and October have not disappointed Colorado this year. The color seemed to shift just a little later than expected this year. Hot dry summers usually bring it on sooner. Go figure.

We've had a chance to recommend fall color drives, fall hikes, and some great communities to visit while you take in the change of seasons. Now it's your turn.

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Timing the Fall Color Change in Colorado

We can estimate a window for fall colors around Grand Junction, but at the end of the day, mother nature calls the shots. It's not a bad idea to plan a couple of trips out to see the colors in different locations. This way you come back with a variety of cool photos.

Show Us Your Colorful Colorado Trees

If you are lucky enough to have some color in your yard we would love to see it. if you have been out on a hike and captured some fall color shots, we would love to see those as well. Submitting photos is super easy on our station app.

40 Images Showing Fall Color in Colorado in 2022

The photos below will help save you a trip out if you are low on gas, or they'll inspire you to go out and see the fall colors for yourself. October is a great time to head south and east to follow the colors from the San Juans to the Sangre de Cristo mountains. It just makes ya feel good to see the fall color. Scroll on for the best of the western slope as seen by you.

Fall Magic: Colorado Shows Off Our Colorful Trees

We asked you to show us a photo or two of some colorful Colorado trees near you. We're just past the color change on the western slope, but there are so many photos taken over the last couple of weeks that just simply need to be shared. Let's take a look at what you've got.

KEEP GOING: Places You Need to Visit to View Colorado's Fall Colors

We asked you to tell us about some of your favorite places to view the fall colors in Colorado. See some of the popular destinations you told us about below with directions to get you there before the fall colors are gone for the season.

More: 12 Amazing Colorado Drives for Viewing Fall Colors in 2022

Check out 12 of the most popular fall color drives to put on your Colorado bucket list. Scroll on to learn about fall color routes in each part of the state that are perfect for enjoying the changing seasons.

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