No matter where you are, there are certain personalities that you'll encounter on the roads. However, because Colorado has certain characteristics and types of people, some of the types of drivers you meet on the roads are only found in the Centennial State.

What Kind of Drivers Will You Encounter in Colorado?

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Of course, one of the things for which Colorado is most well-known is its amazing and world-famous ski resorts which are made possible by the especially snowy winters.

It's because of this that certain types of Colorado drivers like the "Ski Bum," "I Have a 4-Wheel Drive" and "I Have Never Seen Snow" drivers exist.

Colorado Drivers Avoid Certain Transplant Drivers

If you're from Colorado or have lived here for at least a few years, you likely know the stigma that is associated with drivers from certain other states. It's no secret that Coloradans are the most uncomfortable around California drivers, with a vehicle sporting Texas license plates a close second.

There are numerous reasons for this stereotype but the biggest is the perceived tendency for drivers from these states in particular to misuse the left fast lane and right slow lane.

Other Stereotypical Colorado Drivers

In addition to these drivers, there are plenty of other stereotypes that exist in Colorado when it comes to motorists. Whether it be the 'Super Mom," the "Pretend Rancher," or the "I'm Obviously Breaking Laws" drivers, we've all seen them and have interacted with them on the roads at least a few times.

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