If you dig deep enough, you'll find that every state has weird and sometimes dumb laws, and Colorado is no exception. In fact, there are at least ten of these weird laws that directly involve animals.

Keep scrolling to learn all ten of these laws, some of which you may be breaking, and others which you definitely aren't.

Weird Animal Laws in Colorado: Dogs and Cats

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First, we'll start with the laws that probably affect the most Coloradans, and they are those that involve the ever-popular pets of dogs and cats.

For example, in Sterling, Colorado it's not only illegal to dye your pet's fur, but it's also illegal for your cat to run loose without wearing a tail light.

Another law involving cats states that it's illegal for your cat to meow in the dark and if it's caught, the law says that it will be punished by getting its tail cut off. It's also illegal to own a dog over three months of age in Alamosa without a license, and there's a really obscure law regarding three notices that dog catchers must give to a dog when taking it to the pound.

Weird Animal Laws in Colorado: Horses, Rats + Others

You'll also find a couple of laws in these archives involving horses. For example, in Cripple Creek, it's illegal to bring a horse or mule upstairs, and it's illegal to ride a horse while intoxicated throughout the state of Colorado which, actually seems like a good law.

Another good law that also begs the question, "Why?" states that it's illegal to mistreat rats in Denver. There has to be a story behind that one.

In addition, it's illegal to let your pet llama graze on city property all across Colorado, and in Louisville, it's illegal to raise chickens. However, you are allowed to raise turkeys, but no more than three.

Keep scrolling to check out all ten of these weird animal laws in Colorado:


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