Fall is a great time of year to get out and enjoy our western Colorado high school marching bands. They make Friday night football even more exciting, and they entertain our communities during our street festivals and holiday events.

Today we wanted to show some love for these hard-working groups by showing them which ones we love seeing perform around Grand Junction. We'll celebrate your answers in the photo gallery below.

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What Makes High School Marching Bands So Special?

High School Marching Bands are a great way for students to shine and develop skills in leadership and discipline. Students work together on all aspects of the musical and visual performances while sharpening skills in style and focus. As a community, we get to enjoy their efforts during halftime at our football games, and as part of our downtown events and activities.

America's First Marching Band at a Football Game

America's first marching band to play in front of spectators at a football game happened in 1907 at the University of Illinois. This is the first time marching band music was played to entertain fans in the stands.

Different Types of Marching Bands

Not all marching bands are the same. Different types of marching bands showcase different styles of music and have their own unique way of putting on a show. Military bands are the most traditional and recognized. They usually play patriotic or nationalistic tunes. A Drum and Bugle Corps will feature musical performances on the move generally set to a theme. Marching Bands are designed more for entertaining the crowd, and Party Bands are often seen at community events.

Grand Junction Shouts Out to Western Colorado High School Bands

Western Colorado is home to so many talented students who are a part of a high school marching band. Marching bands entertain us during Friday night football games, and during our downtown parades and events. We asked you to shout out to your favorite area high school marching band below as we head deeper into the fall season.

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