What if prohibition never ended in Colorado? Thankfully, it did. We're now home to well over 400 breweries that are open and pouring right now. The Centennial state also appreciates a good cocktail and is nearly 100 distilleries producing rum, whiskey, gin, and vodka.

What better time than 'Happy Hour' to enjoy something made right here in Colorado? We asked you to tell us your favorite place to go for a drink to unwind after work. We'll shout out to Grand Junction's favorite places in the photo gallery below.

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The Earliest Happy Hours

The phrase 'Happy Hour' is a phrase credited to the Navy around the time of 1914. Records indicate it was a weekly or bi-weekly chance for sailors to take a break, watch movies, host boxing and wrestling matches, and do a number of activities to help keep their spirits up. By the time WWI was over 'Happy Hour' was spreading through the Navy.

Happy Hour and Alcohol

During the time of prohibition, and the 18th Amendment, people would gather after work in places that did not mind the consumption of alcohol. Speakeasies served drinks at the end of the day when restaurants were not allowed to. Cocktail lounges kept up the tradition of pouring drinks after work into today. Where would we be if we could not grab a drink someplace after a long day at work?

Happy Hour Doesn't Exist in Some States

There are 11 states in America that do not allow a 'Happy Hour' of any kind. These unhappy states include Utah, Alaska, Massachusetts, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Here in Grand Junction, we love to celebrate the end of the day at the following places in the Grand Valley. How many have you been to?

Grand Junction's Favorite Places To Enjoy Happy Hour After Work

Where is your favorite place to go to unwind after a long day at work? Grand Junction is full of cool places to go to enjoy happy hour pricing on your favorite adult beverages. We asked you what are your favorite places to go to enjoy happy hour. Scroll on to learn about 12 places that always provide a fun atmosphere to bring your smile back.

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We asked you what your favorite place is in Grand Junction, Colorado for ice-cold beer? Tell us your favorite watering hole in the Grand Valley. Is it a restaurant, dive bar, or maybe your back porch?

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