Halloween is imminent, and so is the pitter-patter of tiny feet in your yard begging for candy.

While the last two years haven't exactly been the best Halloweens ever, this year will count as the first where we were all, generally, ready to go back outside!

But what will we see when we're out there?

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Halloween is About the Costumes

Yes, candy and the accrual of the same are the driving force behind trick-or-treating, but you don't get the candy if you're not wearing a costume. I learned that from Jerry Seinfeld. That's why the teenagers who could only muster enough motivation to be "Jeans Man" for Halloween usually end up stealing candy from the kids who ACTUALLY wore a costume. Which we are one hundred percent against, for the record.

Every year brings with it another chance for kids to express themselves as creatively as they can! Well, maybe as creatively as their parents can afford, but you get the picture. Ghosts, goblins, vampires, and spiders are set to hit the streets looking for sugary treats in just a few days, and that's just the kids that want to be spooky. I haven't even gotten to the superheroes, yet!

So, What's Colorado Going to Be This Year?

According to US News & World Report, it looks like Colorado is about to be beset by witches, the number one most-searched costume idea in the state. Behind the broomsticks, you may see some Dinosaurs or something from Stranger Things, as those were numbers two and three, respectively.

It's a Nation-Wide Trend!

Turns out we Coloradans aren't the only ones feeling witch-y, as Google's Frightgeist has 'witch' as the number one costume idea in the country!

Spider-Man is number 2, naturally. He did have a new movie this year. Spidey also claims the number one spot in the states of California, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, and New Jersey.

Which raises the question: with so many, how does Chris O'Neil live in a state where Spider-Man is NOT the number one costume idea? Have you seen his wardrobe?

It's All About the Fun!

No matter what your kids (or you, let's be honest) want to be for Halloween this year, let's just make sure our first true Halloween since COVID is safe and full of candy! You can always be mad about something next year.

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