We recently spent an afternoon at the radio station chatting with you on our station app about haunted locations in the city of Fruita. Known for some of the best mountain bike trails and some of the cleanest air in Colorado, what Fruita isn't really known for is ghosts.

The folks at ghostquest.net have one of the best-kept lists of haunted places in the Centennial State, but they don't have a single listing for Fruita. Are all the ghosts here a secret?

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The Most Haunted City in Colorado

There's a ghost around every corner in the oldest parts of downtown Denver, Colorado. Following historic Colfax Avenue is a great way to see many famous stops. After scrolling through the top haunts in Denver, we are glad to have so few in Fruita.

The Least Haunted City in Colorado

There had to be a location or two that people think is haunted in a town that has been around since 1884. We turned this question over to you and found out about seven places giving off creepy vibes in Fruita after all. We'll stop at each one in the gallery below.

Western Colorado Locations You Think Haunted

The one location we heard about the most is the popular Sagebrush House. Formerly the Mahany Home, Sagebrush House is now a vacation rental that is managed by the city. The design of this home is different than most of the surroundings and it's easy to understand why people tend to think it's haunted. See a photo of it in the gallery below.

What places in Fruita do you think are haunted? Tell us with the chat feature on our station app.

7 Creepy Locations With Haunted Vibes in Fruita, Colorado

As we head into fall we've been doing a little research on haunted locations in Western Colorado. Did you know that Fruita, Colorado is one of Colorado's least haunted towns? Can you think of a place in Fruita that gives off creepy vibes? Open our station app and tell us where it is and why you think it's haunted.

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