Colorado is a great state for dogs. I love seeing friendly dogs out on the hiking trails with their owners enjoying the day. Did you know in Colorado almost 30% of residents have a dog?

What does the law say about dogs going to the bathroom on someone else's lawn? Is it up to you to clean up after them each and every time? Is there a fine if you don't?

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There is No Dog Poop Fairy in Colorado

It would be great if some company could travel up and down the streets getting rid of dog poop quickly and easily but it's just not ever going to happen. It is on each dog owner to clean up after their own pet. Each community has its own municipal code, and almost all of them state it is unlawful NOT to clean up after your dog immediately if it poops on property that does not belong to you.

What is the Fine for Not Cleaning Up After Your Dog?

Each municipality has a different fine for not cleaning up after your dog. In Denver, it will cost you about $125 (even the first time). In Grand Junction, the fine goes up according to the offense. The first time you don't clean up after your dog there is a potential $25 fine. $50 for the second violation, and $100 for the third violation.

What Can You Do If Someone Is Letting Their Dog Poop In Your Yard?

Some cities have a hotline you can call to report someone who is not cleaning up after their dog. In New York City you can dial 3-1-1 to report someone who is not cleaning up after their dog.

In Grand Junction, the issue of someone not cleaning up after their dog is monitored by the City of Grand Junction Code Enforcement. They can be reached at (970) 244-1593. If you see someone letting their dog poop anywhere it wants, you should follow up with them.

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