Colorado is home to lots of big and bold stuff. Some of the tallest mountains in the country are here along with some of the longest rivers. We can also boast that Colorado is home to the longest and most continuous road in the United States.

Where exactly is this epic stretch of road, and just how long is it? What about cool stuff to see along the way? Scroll on as we take a look at historic Colfax Avenue located in the Denver metro.

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Where is Colorado's Longest Continuous Street?

Colorado's longest most continuous road is known as Colfax Avenue. This stretch of road was named in 1868 for U.S. House Speaker Schuyler Colfax who went on to become Vice President for then-President Ulysses S Grant.

Just How Long is Colfax Avenue in Denver?

Colfax Avenue runs just over 50 miles from Golden, Colorado to Strasburg, Colorado. Colfax Avenue started out as a trail from Golden into the mountains during the gold rush era. As the railroads arrived in Denver, development along the road happened quickly. In 2023, Colfax Avenue is a great place to see many historic landmarks that tell the story of Denver and Colorado. Keep going to see eleven of these locations below.

Traveling Colfax Avenue East Into Denver

Colfax Avenue starts out at Heritage Road in Golden, Colorado as US Highway 40 and the I-70 Business loop. It continues through Lakewood into Denver. US Highway 287 joins Colfax just West of I-25 and follows Colfax from Denver into Aurora. Near the Colorado State Capital West Colfax becomes East Colfax. East Colfax becomes State Highway 36 East of Aurora and continues to Strausburg, Colorado.

Keep going to see the historic locations found along America's longest street found right here in the Centennial State.

11 Historic Places Found On Colorado’s Longest Continuous Street

Colorado's Colfax Avenue is America's longest and most continuous street. At nearly 50 miles in length, Colfas runs East-West from Golden to Strasburg, Colorado. Along the way are some of Colorado's coolest historic places. Keep going to check out what you'll find along one of Colorado's most popular roads.

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