It's safe to say that, by and large, human beings love dogs. In fact, most people will look at you funny, or generally react unkindly if you don't like dogs unless, of course, you have an allergy. Even then, some like to look at you like an allergy is somehow your fault, and not a consequence of nature and biology.

Canines are even known to be holy representatives of many ancient cultures. Oh, and do you know the easiest ways to get sympathy for an otherwise objectively horrible movie hero? Either the bad guys hurt the hero's dog, or let the audience know that your film's hero would never hurt a dog. So... yeah, we like dogs.

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Out here in Colorado, it turns out that we actually like dogs the most, believe it or not. At least, that's according to a study from Forbes, which looked to find the most devoted dog owners in each state in the US. At a glance, Colorado earns the top spot on this list because of stats like the fact that nearly nine percent of Colorado dog owners have actually chosen their dogs over the significant others that did not like them.

That means that in a group of one-thousand Coloradans, almost one hundred of those people have broken up with someone because that person didn't like their dog. Meanwhile, a further 19% of Colorado's dog owners have specifically moved to a house so that their dog would have room to play.

Now, I've heard of people who treat their pets like they are their children, but that kind of level of dedication to a pet border on Anubis territory to me. Then again, I prefer cats, anyway, so if you want to worship your dog, more power to you.

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