Is there something you make a point to ask for several times when ordering at a drive-thru window in Grand Junction? It's the worst feeling to go through any Colorado drive-thru and find something is missing when you get home.

Sometimes these forgotten items are essential to what you ordered. Imagine getting a chef salad for lunch but nobody gave you a fork to eat it with. Now lunch will take forever eating one lettuce leaf at a time. What items do you find seem to be missing from the bag when you get home? Is it the same thing every time?

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Shout Out to Colorado's Food Service Workers

You can't knock people who work the drive-thru window unless you have spent time in one yourself. I had a worker's permit at 13 years old and worked drive-thru cash and as long as it was busy, it was a terrible job. When things slowed down it was kinda fun. I salute our hardworking fast-food generation and I do appreciate what they do. That being said, it's time to sound off for all the times they forgot to give you your Mcnugget sauce.

Checking Your Bag at Any Colorado Drive Thru

Do you sit there in the drive-thru lane and make sure you have all the items you asked for? You really should. Remember when a Big Breakfast at Mcdonald's cost $1.99? In 2023, it costs $7.99 for the same exact thing you got way back when. That's some $%##&*%^. So don't feel at all bad about holding up the line and checking your bag. For what you are being charged for eggs, check the bag as much as you want. Scroll on to find out what the most missing item is.

Which Grand Junction Drive Thru Never Forgets?

Have you ever gone through a drive-thru and the person at the window will not even look at you? They hand you a bag without saying anything, and no eye contact. That right there makes me wish I never spent my money.

Let me share this ray of hope. There is one fast food drive-thru in Grand Junction that has never missed. When I drive-thru Popeyes in Clifton, I never get home missing anything. They are the best. The feeling of knowing they always gave you honey for your biscuit is the best! You guys rock!

See which item is forgotten the most in Grand Junction's drive-thrus below.

Grand Junction's List of the Most Forgotten Items at Drive-Thru Windows

This all started when I visited a drive-thru window in Grand Junction and was given a pancake platter but no fork to eat it with. This makes for a very messy breakfast. What items do they always seem to forget when you visit the drive-thru? Do you double back for the item or shake your fist in the air out the window as you drive away?

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