I've only lived in Colorado for about 6 years, now. In that time, I think I've come to know my new home state pretty well. Plus, my son was born here, so I think his native Coloradan status kind of grandfathers me in. That's what we call an "added bonus."

I like to think that I'm a fairly observant guy, so naturally, I have turned that attentive eye to the Centennial State from time to time. Since I've been here for almost a decade, I've noticed quite a few things about Colorado, some awesome, others awful. Here are a few observations of what Colorado can be like when you come here from another state:

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Pro: Colorado is beautiful.

Obviously, the first thing you notice when you get to Colorado is the seemingly endless beauty that surrounds you. Colorado's mountains make it a great place to look at, that's for sure, and even though I've been here for six years, I have barely scratched the surface of the natural wonders Colorado has to offer. If you're looking for a reason to choose Colorado, that's a good one.

Con: If you're afraid of heights, Colorado is hell.

On the other hand with mountains, you probably should live in them if you have a problem with heights. Anyone who has ever driven to Norwood from Montrose knows what I mean. If that kind of terrain causes you cold sweats, this might not be the place for you.

Pro: Coloradans are some of the nicest people in the country.

I've never had more people offer to help me move in any other state than Colorado. If that's not indicative of how nice Coloradans can be, then I really don't know what is. There is still a sense of community in Colorado, particularly on the Western Slope, that I just find missing in places like New York and Florida. Honestly, I don't think it gets talked about nearly enough.

Con: Proud Coloradans can be exclusionary.

On the negative side, if you weren't born in Colorado, there is no shortage of people around here who would be happy to remind you. You notice them a lot in traffic with their Colorado Native bumper stickers, and I've heard more than a few people complaining about transplants on a fairly regular basis. Granted, most of those complaints are about California transplants, and therefore wholly warranted, but if you're new in town and hear regular complaining about people who are new in town, you tend to learn to keep that information to yourself.

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