There is just something really soothing about listening to the sounds that come from an area surrounding a Colorado River. In fact, several recorded 'soundscapes' often use the wound of flowing water to help people relax or fall asleep.

What are the top three most soothing sounds? says those sounds are white noise, ocean waves, and raindrops or flowing water. What if you could escape to an Airbnb that was built right on top of a Colorado river?

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Hiking, Exploring, and Sightseeing in Penrose, Colorado

Penrose, Colorado is located in Fremont County. The town is just down the road from Canon City and is home to today's featured rental from It's called the Shipping Container Creek Cabin. Container rentals are showing up more and more on, and this has a perfect five-star rating. 

Activities Near Penrose

Penrose is the site of the Dakota Hot Springs, the Happy Apple Farm, the world's oldest largest rocking chair, and you'll also find Out of the Blue Skydiving and Colorado Mountain Skydiving operating here.

Relax Under the Stars

Keep going to see photos of this rental built right on top of a Colorado river. Enjoy the sounds of nature with your morning coffee, or a bottle of wine under the stars by the fire pit. This Colorado rental has room for two guests and does not allow pets to accompany guests.

Scroll through the photos below and see if you can't imagine how peaceful that screened-in patio will sound if you stay here.

Enjoy Your Morning Coffee Literally Above a Colorado River in Penrose

Looking for a unique summer escape in Colorado? How about a relaxing weekend over a Colorado river? Keep going to check out this Penrose, Colorado Airbnb built literally on top of a Colorado River. Just wait till you see the sunsets.

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