May is one of the internet's favorite months of the year. Not only do the "meme-sters" out there get to spend 31 days mispronouncing the lyrics of a 23-year-old NSYNC song, but if you're a fan of space wizards and laser swords, you get your own mispronunciation-based day to celebrate: May the Fourth.

That's right, Star Wars fans that don't know how to use Wikipedia to see if anything important has ever happened that day have, over the last decade or so, claimed May 4 as 'Star Wars Day'. Believe it or not, there may be more people in the Centennial State celebrating Disney's epic space saga than anywhere else in the nation.

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According to new data compiled by, Colorado is home to some of the most passionate fans of Star Wars in the United States. Utilizing Google Trends, they were able to assign a ranking to every state based on how often the term 'Star Wars' was searched for over the last three years. Using this data, Bookies determined that Colorado ranks as the sixth most passionate Star Wars fans in the country.

Who was number one? Well, believe it or not, Utah has the most passionate fans of Luke Skywalker and his droids, with an average score of 100 out of 100 for each year for which data was compiled. Basically, according to this study, people in Utah seem to wake up every morning, and immediately start thinking about Darth Vader. I never knew that I had so much in common with the people of Utah.

Rounding out the rest of the top five were Alaska, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, respectively. California and Arizona are ranked right behind us at 7 and 8, followed by Indiana and Wyoming for your top ten. You may have noticed that nine out of these top ten states are located in the American West, though you could make a case that our entire west coast is represented if you include Alaska.

We love Star Wars in the West, more than they do on the east coast, it seems. Does that actually mean anything? Well, that might be a question better put to the Jedi masters, because it's above my pay grade.

Source: Which States Are Most Passionate About Star Wars Day?

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