Have you ever wondered what celebrity would be the metaphorical 'spirit animal' for your town? I know my friends and I used to. Heck, I remember quite a few middle school lunchtimes spent trying to figure out which cartoon character best embodied my hometown of North Canton, Ohio. Elmer Fudd, for the record.

With so many country superstars around these days, it's easy to project your town's values onto what many consider to be America's 'real' musical hit-makers. Just to see if I still could, as an almost 35-year-old man, I decided to see if could figure out which country stars matched up best with some towns around Colorado.

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This is by no means a scientific list. Honestly, a few of these pairings are based on an artist's popularity in a specific town, as opposed to any deep criteria. It's a minor thought experiment, not a research paper for my doctorate; it doesn't warrant that much effort. Still, I think I've landed on some combinations that truly capture the spirit of some of Colorado's towns.

In the gallery below, we're looking at 12 Colorado towns and their country music star counterparts. If we missed your town, no worries - like an aged rock band on their 'farewell' tour, we're always coming back around. Of course, you're always welcome to let us know who you think is the country music star that best represents your Colorado town. If you want to get your two-cents in, let us know on the App.

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