Colorado is home to seven invasive insects that residents are encouraged to squash immediately upon spotting them. While they aren't the nastiest, they are trying to destroy our forests.

The Wheel Bug is a creepy bug with a nasty bite that is found in Colorado. Most people have never heard of a wheel bug or have any idea how painful it can be if one decides to bite you.

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What is a Wheel Bug?

Wheel Bugs are known as Arilus cristatus. They come from the family of Reduviidae, which are also called 'assassin bugs'. These critters have armor that appears like the shape of a wheel. These bugs eat beetles and worms and caterpillars. They have a sharp beak they use to pump fluid into prey that breaks down their soft tissue so the wheel bug can eat them up.

Are Wheel Bugs Found in Colorado?

Wheel Bugs do live in Colorado so you want to watch out for them. They are generally found in Colorado's southeastern counties and especially in the Arkansas River Valley.

A Wheel Bug Bite Can Really Sting

A bite from a wheel bug is described as feeling a lot like being stung by a wasp. Effects from a wheel bug bite can linger for two weeks or up to six months in extreme cases. The bite feels heated and irritated and has caused an allergic reaction in some people.

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