Visiting Colorado can seem like you're entering a whole new world. There are huge mountains with winding turns to navigate, high altitudes that are enough to make your head spin, plus the locals use lingo that most can't quite follow.

If you want to live or even travel in Colorado then you need to know how to communicate properly, and that means learning some vital words and phrases that you probably haven't heard before.

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Transplants Are Easy to Find in Colorado

When I moved to Colorado there was absolutely no way to hide the fact that I was a transplant. In fact, transplant was probably one of the first Colorado words that I learned.

A transplant is simply a non-native that has moved to the area.

In Texas, we referred to non-natives that moved to the state as tourists. Despite their newfound permanent residency, they'd always be considered a tourist.

I guess being referred to as a transplant is a little more welcoming than being called a tourist indefinitely, but I'll let you be the judge.

Why You Should Learn Colorado Words and Phrases

The way you speak is a clear tell-tale sign of where you're from and how long you've been in the area. Whether you're getting directions from a person or just having a casual chat, there are some Colorado terms that will most likely find their way into your conversation.

Guide to Colorado Slang by Subject

Colorado slang is generally broken down by:

  • People
  • Places
  • Numbers
  • Treats
  • Weather
  • Phrases

If you want to find your place in Colorado and avoid looking like a complete newbie then keep scrolling. 

Colorado Slang: Words and Phrases You Absolutely Need to Know

Are you hip to Colorado lingo? Don't let things get lost in translation, these words and phrases will help you assimilate into Colorado culture:

19 Words You'll Need To Learn To Sound Like A True Coloradan

There are certain words that can distinguish a true Coloradan from a transplant, here are a few of them.

Colorado Words That Most People Can't Pronounce Properly

In Colorado, we have a lot of words, primarily names, that out-of-towners would likely have trouble pronouncing. Many of these names originated from Native American languages, Spanish, and others.

While being a Colorado native, I didn't personally have trouble pronouncing any of these, but I can understand why someone would.

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