Colorado is no stranger to being featured in TV and movies. From South Park to Red Dawn, and just about every Western you've ever seen, there are plenty of movies that are set in the Centennial State. However, that's mostly because Hollywood has been making movies for so long, now. If you compare the number of movies set in Colorado too, and this is just picking something at random here, the number of films that happen in California, well then you'd reasonably believe that we're underrepresented in the movies.

With that being the way our state is treated on the silver screen, Coloradans tend to cherish anytime a good movie comes out with a Colorado backdrop. To wit: I've met many people in this state that absolutely hate everything South Park is about, but they still love to bring it up when you talk about Colorado at the movies. That's how proud we are of being where we're from.

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Knowing all that, it should come as no surprise that Colorado's favorite movie of all time is a film that takes place in our backyard. Honestly, we didn't really need Cafe Mom to put together a list to tell us that The Shining is our favorite movie, but we're glad they did. Not only do we get to remind ourselves that Jack Nicholson's tour de force was filmed in our state, but we get the added bonus of confirming that Florida's favorite movie is Scarface because of course it is.

Did you assume Oklahoma's favorite movie would be, well, Oklahoma? You would be very wrong about that, my friend, as Oklahoma's favorite movie is actually one you've heard quite a bit about if you live on the Western Slope of Colorado. Yes, True Grit, famously filmed in our neighborhood, is the preferred flick of Oklahomans. Now, I'm not the guy who gets to pick which of our fellow United States should be Colorado's favorite, but Oklahoma seems to be making a very good case to sit at our table during lunch this week.

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