At first glance, I'm somewhat shocked and appalled our gorgeous State of Colorado ranks number ten - only the 10th best?! - for states in the U.S. with the 'Best Scenic Walks,' as named by The study was completed by researchers looking for the state with the best places to take a long, head clearing walk where you can break a little sweat and decompress a bit.

Their methodology was based on five different routes in each state, in addition to statewide statistics, ranking each state on how scenic they are compared to other states across the country.

The fact that Colorado comes in 10th - with its sunsets, clean air, blue skies and number of days of sunshine each year is mind boggling to me. Unless all of the walks taken were around downtown Denver maybe? Aurora? Down Colfax Ave.? I can't figure out how in the world Colorado could rank so low compared to some of these other states.

The methodology were based on five categories where states were awarded 20 potential points each, for a total score up to 100. The categories were User Rating, Gained Elevation, Park Coverage, Air Quality and Sunlight.

Once you get down this list of simply the top ten, I think you're going to scratch your head just a bit about how some of these states allegedly "beat Colorado" for the most scenic walks. But have a look and let me know what you think.

Top Ten States for the Most Scenic Walks in the U.S.

From, these are the best states for long, scenic walks in the entire United States. Colorado is tenth. And that's a travesty.

Number of People Born in Each State That Now Live in Colorado

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