Lately, there's a good chance you've heard about a cat that has gained quite a bit of notoriety in Colorado. While this cat has been around for years, only certain circles in downtown Denver had actually seen or interacted with him personally, but now he's becoming a household name.

Who is Colorado's Smokey the Cat?

Smokey the Cat is a black, long-haired cat that has been greeting fans of the Colorado Rockies around Coors Field for years. The cat has been working diligently as, more or less, an employee of the downtown Denver ballpark to keep the mouse population under control for roughly the past ten years.

However, it has recently been decided that Smokey is getting too old to remain what many refer to as "The Coors Field Cat" and the search for a forever home for the cat is underway.

When it was announced that Smokey the Coors Field Cat was seeking a permanent residence with a nice family to live out his final years, applications began pouring in. In fact, FOX31 Denver reported that dozens of applicants had requested to be considered for Smokey's new family almost immediately.

It would seem that Smokey's fame continues to grow, as a contributor to Denver's Westword who also just so happens to be a musician, wrote a song about the famous cat called, "Smokey the Coors Field Cat."

Most fans of Smokey are glad to know that he'll be relaxing with a nice family during his retirement but are also sad to see him go.

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