This is the most recent scam to pop up in Mesa County.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is cautioning residents about a scam that's reported to be operating in Mesa County. It's a new scam, but with a very familiar theme.

How Does This Phone Scam Operate In Mesa County?

Apparently, the scammer is pretending to be Mesa County Sheriff Deputy Bunch and says he's calling about a "civil process issue."  He then asks the person to return the call. Exactly what the intention is at that point is unknown, but, undoubtedly it is an underhanded attempt to get personal information.

The real Deputy Bunch actually called the scammer back and reached a voicemail stating he had reached "the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Civil Division." The reality is, it was not the sheriff's office at all.

Scams Will Sound Very Convincing

The sheriff's office emphatically states this is a scam and instructs residents to not send money and do not divulge any personal information. Just hang up and don't call them back. You should call the sheriff's office at 970-244-3500 to report the call. If you have any questions about the validity of a call like this, or any call that sounds suspicious,  they will be happy to talk to you about it.

Scammers can sound very convincing - especially to the elderly - who tend to be very vulnerable. While most people might not fall for a scam like this, there are always a few who are duped into giving out personal information - and end up losing a bunch of money. Don't be one of those people.

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