Those who live in Colorado tend to like it here. Sometimes, they like it to such a degree that they wear merchandise that proudly presents the state from which they come. Coloradans like Colorado, and if you believe the hype, we don't like to talk about anything else.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that don't call Colorado their home, and as such know very little about the Centennial State. They tend to come from these places called 'other states'. You probably haven't heard of those before, but I'm here to tell you that they do exist, and people in them don't seem to know that Colorado is a very dry state.

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This is the only thing that can be inferred from a recent article from Axios, which highlighted what they found to be 'amusing' things to know about Colorado. One of those things was a suggestion to pack lip balm if you've never been here since it's dry in the Centennial State. Now, I've only been in Colorado for 7 years, but I think I'm enough of a resident now that I can say for all of us: "Duh."

Seriously, people of Alabama; just look at a map of the United States. Any map will do, so long as it's of these United States. What you'll notice is a large portion of this country is on its west side, and if you've ever taken a middle school history class, you should already know that the western United States has had a historical problem with water. That problem actually persists to this day, and you'd have to be pretty out-of-touch with, well everything, to not know that.

Let this serve as a friendly reminder that, yes: Colorado is quite dry; and no: that's not a particularly interesting fact. It's a trait we share with states like Utah, Texas, and most notably for some reason, California. If you don't already know that before you head out here, then maybe the West just isn't for you. I hear Alaska is nice.

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