Elk rut season is upon us in Colorado and every year at this time, things get pretty active for elk and they get frisky. In the process of all of the friskiness, they are out and about on the hunt for mating purposes and they can be easily spotted, many times in large groups in crowded areas.

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One of the most common places to spot an elk anytime but especially during rut season is Estes Park. Many times while elk are roaming around, they can become dangerously entangled in different things and that's exactly what happened yesterday.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife,  a resident reported seeing the elk, with fencing caught in its antlers in the middle of a busy intersection between Highway 7 and Highway 36. Police officers helped stop traffic and get the elk out of the intersection.

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The next step from that mess was to tranquilize the animal so officers could safely free the elk and get it back on its way. Time to take a little nap big guy.

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Once the elk was asleep, officers did their thing and untangled the elk and waited for him to wake up and get back to doing elk things.



Slowly but surely, he woke up and while he was a little disoriented at first, he eventually got going.

Rise and shine buddy.


Officials warn to never approach an elk whether it's in the wild or in the middle of Estes Park anytime but especially during rut season. Give the animal space, keep your distance and alert police or CPW if you see an animal in danger.



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