This past Monday evening, the Fort Collins area endured an intense lightning and thunderstorm. This was the kind of storm that spooks people and animals. This is the kind of storm that had photographers stationed along the dams of Horsetooth Reservoir to capture the sky-to-ground lightning over the city.

The light show and rolling thunder sound were captured in this video taken in Laporte, Colorado.

Unfortunately, this was also the kind of storm to cause severe flooding of many streets and intersections. There were numerous stranded cars and several very dangerous situations.

Logan Jenkins of Fort Collins posted in a Facebook group that he was in need of a new ride as his car was deemed "totaled" after the flooding on Lake Street near CSU's Canvas Stadium filled his car. Look at these photos of his car.

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Courtesy of Logan Jenkins
Courtesy of Logan Jenkins

Fort Collins Police Services shared the following:

Northern Colorado doesn't usually deal with this kind of flooding unless it involves a river. This was a storm. This was a huge amount of rain in a short time. Flash flooding was a predicted part of the Monsoonal Flow sitting over this part of the country.

There are several more days of afternoon thunderstorms and potentially severe weather forecasted before the "monsoon" moves on.

Denver 7 shared:

We broke our streak of 90-degree heat Tuesday, and we'll see more 80s through the end of the week. We'll see a chance of storms and showers each afternoon. One of the biggest concerns will be heavy rain and flooding. A few storms could also produce some larger hail on the far eastern plains.

A cold front will usher in some cooler weather this weekend. We'll see highs in the 80s on Saturday but 70s on Sunday.

Be vigilant with these kinds of storms. Pay attention to the warnings around flooded roads given by the Fort Collins Police.

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