If you think you're seeing more police vehicles on Colorado highways this Father's Day weekend, it turns out that you're actually correct. Law enforcement across the Centennial State is conducting a "surge" effort in an attempt to make the roadways a little bit safer as we get ready to start the summer.

The timing on this particular push couldn't have been better, either. When you really stop to think about it, what better way could there possibly be to celebrate dads than an increased effort to enforce rules and authority? That's the literal job description for a father, right there.

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This is, of course, part of an overall effort throughout the state to reduce the number and severity of traffic incidents. Colorado has already seen a similar enhanced enforcement period, back in March, with extra patrolling planned for once a quarter in 2023. The effort will run from 6 AM on Friday, June 16th through Saturday, June 17th, according to reporting from KKTV in Colorado Springs.

While we should see additional patrols throughout the state, it appears that a particular focus will be put on El Paso County. During the year's previous effort in March, they saw more than 300 drivers ticketed for speeding, which sounds like a lot to me. When you consider that El Paso County also saw 83 traffic-related deaths in 2022, the specific focus begins to make more sense.

So, if you're planning on being out and about to celebrate Father's Day this weekend, you need to remember to be on your best behavior while on the road. It's no secret that the one thing your dad really wants from you on Father's Day is to be left alone, so I'm fairly certain he'd rather not have to speak with the police on your behalf, either.

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