I'm a fan of Colorado summers. Far, far, far more than Colorado winters. Don't get me wrong. The snow and cold temps are nice for a little while. Then about the time you're putting away the Christmas decorations, I am so over it and ready for summer all over again.

It's been hot in NoCo lately, to be sure. The saving grace is that it does cool down at night, although this week alone we'll again see temps over 90 degrees - which isn't totally abnormal for September - but a break might be nice.

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And that break might just be coming soon! If only you're able to hang in there another few weeks. It always amazes me how quickly Colorado weather can swing in the winter from snow one day to 70+ degrees the next, or from 90+ degrees to summer almost immediately ending with cold and snow a few days later.

Back when predictions were released, The Farmer's Almanac put the predicted "first fall frost" for Fort Collins, specifically, this year on October 2. But meteorologists across the various Denver TV stations are feeling like it will come sooner than that, specifically just a few weeks from now around the last week of September.

Right now, after the next couple of hot 90+ degree days, the extended forecast is calling for highs in the 70s and 80s for the next couple of weeks, dipping into the low 50s overnight.

Then out of nowhere should hopefully come that first cold front of autumn, where you can get a log on the fire, bust out the flannel pants, and a hot cup of whatever your favorite pumpkin-spiced drink is.

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