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Do you have a bone to pick with Frontier Airlines? If so, here's who you're not going to be complaining to (anymore, that is).

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According to multiple news outlets, the Denver-based airline has ceased all customer service operations via phone as of last weekend.

"Our Customer Care function recently transitioned to fully digital communications, which enables us to ensure our customers get the information they need as expeditiously and efficiently as possible," Frontier spokesperson Jennifer de la Cruz said in an emailed statement recently sent to 9News. 


According to Frontier Airlines Senior Vice President of Customers, Jack Filene, the change was made in an effort to lower labor costs while speeding up transactions.

“We are supporting higher labor rates in the voice channel, and we’re limited to this one-to-one interaction,” Filene said, CNBC reported on Nov. 25. Compared to a human customer service agent, a digital chat agent could handle three inquiries at once - and possibly more, he continued.

“Think about the most sort of obscure question a customer might ask that would take a call center agent many, many minutes to research and find an answer to. The chatbot can answer that very quickly."

Contacting Frontier Airlines Customer Service

According to Frontier spokesperson Jennifer de la Cruz, customers can visit the Frontier Airlines website to interact with a chatbot - aka chat "agent" that will be able to provide customers with answers to common questions.

In addition, should a customer need to speak to a live agent, agents are available through the airline's live chat service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By making this move, Frontier Airlines is now officially the largest airline in the country to be operating without a live customer service phone line.

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