This story just goes to show that there really is some good left in this world.

A Colorado woman was recently given the priceless opportunity to reconnect with her late fiancé, and it's all thanks to a hero of a man who just so happened to be in the right place at the right time - and he didn't even know it.

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Denver Woman Seeks Help Finding Missing Engagement Ring From Late Fiancé

Earlier this month, a woman down in Denver, CO contacted FOX31 seeking help to find an engagement ring she had received from her fiancé, prior to his passing.

According to original reports, Raquel Aiken went to play tennis with a friend at Denver's  Washington Park a few weeks ago; before she started playing, she noted that she had her engagement ring on, chose to place it off and place it into a compartment of her tennis bag, and went on to play.

After a day out on the tennis courts, Aiken drove home and hadn't realized until that night that her beloved engagement ring was gone.

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“I was heartbroken, this ring means so much more than just the ring,” Aiken told FOX31. 

“We’d been together 10 years and had waited 10 years to get engaged and then he passed away from an illness last year... the ring was kind of closure to his passing and so that ring would bring back some of that closure that I’m still needing.”

Not only did Aiken reportedly hire a ring finder and gather friends and family to help her search for the missing ring, but she was also offering up a reward in hopes that somebody would find and be kind enough to return the ring to her.

A Positive Turn Of Events

After weeks of searching for the ring which, for Aiken, must've felt like an eternity, this story has taken the best turn possible -

Three weeks after Raquel Aiken grabbed her keys out of her tennis bag and drove away from the tennis courts at Washington Park before realizing she had dropped her late fiancé’s engagement ring in the process, her biggest wish has come true.

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“I was getting ready to go to my third job the next day. I was just going to my car, and I just happened to look down,” Dude Olguin, an employee at Denver's Brewery Bar II told FOX31 on Monday (Sept. 19).

It was down in the mud that Olguin spotted a large engagement ring - Raquel's engagement ring - but didn’t know who it belonged to or how much it was worth.

“My first reaction, you know, temptation — maybe go pawn it or to find a jeweler to tell me more about it,” he said. “But really, my faith told me just to hold onto it and just wait and listen.”

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Waiting and listening for weeks with this precious ring in his car, customers, who happened to be FOX31 viewers, gave Olguin a sign.

“A lot of people here had seen me on TV and we’re talking about the ring,” Aiken told FOX31. 

A True Miracle

Some might even call the following series of events fate -

According to FOX31, Aiken visited Brewery Bar II last week which, in turn, gave Olguin the chance to question her about the missing engagement ring.

“He went to his car, he came back and there was the ring,” Aiken said. “Immediately I was in tears, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it’s just, it’s a miracle.”

What makes this heartwarming reunion/moment all the more special is the fact that Aiken says this particular bar used to be one of her late fiancé Tim’s favorite places to frequent.

“It definitely reconnected me again with my fiancé,” Aiken said. “The fact of where it was found and how it was found and an employee that works here at a place he loves. The whole connection is really, really amazing and a true blessing.”

More than a proposal, it's a life long promise
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While Aiken was offering up a reward for whoever was responsible for reuniting her with the rin, Olguin opted for a more intangible kind of reward -

“I told her, the payment for me is our friendship... like that’s all I really needed was her to know that she had a ring and we’re going to be lifetime friends."

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